A Week of Insta #giveaways!

This post will be short and sweet, and mostly informational: this week (April 12-17), I am going to be doing a week of Instagram giveaways as a "thank you" to everyone who supports, encourages, and follows my work! To everyone who pins, tweets, regrams, and features me, and has for the last year, thank you. To everyone who buys pieces in stores, pop up shops or in my online store, thank you. To anyone else I might not have covered:

You're the real MVPs!

The giveaways will be announced each day and will last for 24 hours each-- the way to enter will be different each time! On Wednesday (4/15), we'll have a BIG giveaway, and entries will be accepted until the following Sunday (4/19). 

So excited to get this party going!


Megan Carn2 Comments