May Art Crush: Juniper Briggs!

Juniper Briggs is a fabulous artist of whom I am a BIG fan. She's so talented and sweet! Juniper lives and paints from a home studio in the suburbs of Washington D.C. She is married and has two precious little girls that definitely keep her busy!

Juniper's work is bright, abstract, and so fun. She has a great eye for color + shape, and each painting has a geometric element that I love. Her paintings are organic, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing... what could be better?!

Juniper functions very similarly to me- and some other artists I know- in the way she paints her abstracts: intuitively and freely! She goes into each painting with a blank slate and works until she is happy with the piece, letting each layer dry and then adding another. The painting above is actually hanging in my house! 

Juniper takes commissions, paints originals, and has a great time doing what she loves. She works under the belief that imperfection is more beautiful than perfection and that no color palette should go unpainted. (In the words of Amy Poehler... yes, please!) In addition to being a mother, wife, artist, and adventurer, Juniper blogs and collects art. She's got so many fun things going on! Find her work and contact her from her website, listed below, and follow her on Instagram! Enjoy!


Instagram: @juniperbriggs

Megan CarnComment