Bippity, Boppity: To-Do List

Whew. Summer has flown.

Today I’m channeling a favorite online friend (and the lady who organized my studio), Kate Waldo. Every Sunday or Monday, she talks about prioritizing the harder (larger, more detailed) tasks for the beginning of the week, and saving the easier, breezier tasks for later. I’ve been trying my best to take this idea to heart, even though some weeks it feels like EVERY task is a big ticket item. What can I say? I’m dramatic sometimes. More than loving a little drama, I love making lists. It’s the only way I feel like I can get organized. Any time something pops into my head, I try to get it onto my list or calendar so that I don’t forget. (Because I absolutely will forget it if I don’t!)

I put this list-making masterpiece together just for fun as so many are heading into the new school year, new jobs, or maybe just want that mid-year clean slate feeling that you get at the new year. There’s just nothing like a shiny new something with all good intentions for productivity and organization.

I hope you enjoy it! Everyone loves organization, and when it’s rainbow?! Forget about it.

Here’s to keeping the rest of 2019 and the start of 2020 all together!

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Here’s a little preview of the list!

Tag me on instagram when you print it out… I can’t wait to see your lists on desks, fridges, and in planners all over! Here are a couple of ways I would use it. (Not that you need the help. You’re in control here.)

  1. On a clipboard: Are you on the go? Lets clipboard that sucker. Print multiples so they’re ready for you when you have a need to get organized!

  2. In your planner: turn it sideways and print two per page. It’s the perfect size for your Erin Condren organizer! Keep them in that pocket divider to whip out when things get dicey. They’ll be there to support you!

  3. Laminate it: You may not know this, but I’m a girl who loves to laminate. Laminate your list, put it on your fridge, and then use a dry erase marker to keep your house in order. Then, windex it and you’re ready with a clean slate. Want to be extra? Organize in rainbow markers. That’s what I’m planning on doing.

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