Hey, what do you want for supper?

What are you thinking for dinner?

What are we going to have for supper tonight?

Do we have the stuff to make _________?

… All ~haunting~ questions that I get and ask often! Pretty much every day. I feel like meal planning isn’t even a healthy thing at this point, it’s more of a thing to try and have a plan so we’re not staring at the fridge wondering what the heck we’re going to make. A personal chef would be another option, but that’s not in the budget. So I made a quick little meal plan helper! One less thing to think about every day is a win in my book.

I’m planning on laminating this and leaving it on the fridge. That way, we can write on it with a dry erase marker and it’s all there!

Shopping List Freebie.png

get the planner!

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I’m also going to take this opportunity to share two cool things:

#1 is Instacart. I haven’t been truly grocery shopping in two years and I have zero regrets. It is unbelievably easy and I can see what I have in my kitchen as I order! It really makes my life better, and you should download it. (Unless you love trudging through the grocery store trying to remember how many eggs you have at the house. In that case, keep doing what you’re doing.) Click here to sign up! You’ll get $10 off your first order and I’ll also get $10, so it’s a win all around.

#2 is HelloFresh. Now, I’ll say it: I’m not 100% sold yet, but we’re still figuring it all out. Some of the meals have been incredible, and others have been a little “meh”. Also, it frustrates me that the best-looking ones are “gourmet” upgrades- that gets expensive really fast! On the plus side, they are fairly healthy and so dang easy, so it really solves a problem! (in the past we’ve done BlueApron, and we enjoyed that too.) If you want a promo code for HelloFresh to try it out, comment your email below! I’ll send you an invite and you’ll get a free week. Lucky you!

Okay, that’s it. Let’s get to summering without any questions about what we’re eating! We have a plan!

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