Megan's Ultimate Halloween Mix

Since earlier this year, I’ve been compiling my favorite iconic Halloween songs. Some are less iconic, and some just Halloween-inspired, but nonetheless… I’m proud of this list.

Starting last Halloween, I put a big speaker on the porch and blared Halloween music during trick or treating time. I thought it was fun! (Who knows what our neighbors thought.)

Unfortunately, my music game last year was weak. Honestly, it was “Monster Mash” and “This is Halloween” over and over (and over) again. This year, I’m prepared, and now, so are you!

Find my list at this link, and feel free to play it for your neighborhood this Halloween. They’ll be charmed, I’m sure. Be sure to use the shuffle feature, and comment to let me know what the playlist is missing!

^^ just click that button!

*I can’t guarantee that these are all clean. After this Halloween, I plan on editing the list to remove any party bombs/songs that didn’t quite work in the moment. I’ll update on November 1, 2019!

Megan CarnComment