Hello, hello!! And happy APRIL! I feel like I was just writing a life lately update, and that was over a month ago. But we're back, and today with what may be the best (and easiest) "DIY" of all time. 

Preface/edit: PLEASE note that I am not a fish care expert and I am not posting this as a fish care expert. I've owned many fish in the past, and I personally sought advice from an experienced fish caretaker and my local pet store before moving forward with this project, and you should too! With any situation, do your own research and ask questions first. Also, I'd like to make it clear that I am monitoring Scotch very closely, as I am here every day, and all signs point to him being happy and healthy in his home. Should that change at any point, I will handle it promptly! Scotch is family!


Everyone, meet Scotch. (Scotch as in scotch bonnet, because he is spicy!) I've seen this style of tank a few times in the last few years, and after my recent studio cleanup and design, I decided to finally make it happen!



I am so thrilled with this little project. It's so easy. Order your fish tank and supplies, and then go to your local pet store to pick up the living pieces- fish, moss ball, and snails. For our size of tank, it was recommended that we get one fish, one moss ball (a natural tank cleaner and filter), and two small snails (also a tank cleaner). I linked to a similar fish tank and my exact contents, but obviously you can make it a different color scheme! I got a half-moon betta because he was gorgeous and he had been there for awhile. I wanted to get him out of there!

When you get your tank, the back will have a brown paper sticker to protect it. Peel that off! (This step took me FOREVER. It was really on there.) After you have that paper off, lay it back down on the watercolor paper and trace around the tank and hanging hole with the pencil. Using the craft knife, go ahead and cut out the hole that matches up to the hanging hole on the tank. 

At this point, get creative! Use your acrylic paint and brushes to make a little painting that will go behind your tank. You can use splatters, stripes, or try your hand at an abstract painting. I went with an abstract with some rainbows thrown in! I'm attaching a jpg below with one of my watermelon prints, if you'd like to skip this step and have it printed anywhere you print posters! (FedEx, Kinkos, get it!)

If you paint it, allow your painting to dry overnight, and then cut it out.

My 18x24" paper + cut out circle for the tank. I made the mistake of not cutting my nail hole first, so I had to do it after!

My 18x24" paper + cut out circle for the tank. I made the mistake of not cutting my nail hole first, so I had to do it after!

Choose where you will hang your tank. It's gonna be heavy, so try to find an area with a stud! I have wood paneling, so this made this step very easy for me, and I was also able to use a long nail for mine. Using either your screw or nail (a screw is going to hold better), choose your spot and screw or hammer it in! Hang your tank art on it, and then hank your wall mounted tank over it and make sure it lines up.

Load your rocks, water, thermometer, and props in the tank! Use around 12-14* drops (*Read the back of your water conditioner carefully and calculate) and let the water condition for 24 hours. Acclimate your fish for a couple of hours in the room your tank is in, and then bombs away! Add him, the moss ball, and the snails to the party. 

Done! You've got a crazy cool wall decoration! I've heard you can put a water plant in, but do check with your pet provider and make sure it's safe first!


Don't feel like painting? Heres an image you can print at home and collage or have printed at your local poster-printing store! You'll need a 12x12" printout. (***NOTE*** This image is for personal, private use. Please do not recreate, resell, or sell items with this image on it. With questions, reach out at


Tag me if you decide to try it out! I'm excited to see everyone's fish tanks!!