Life Lately!

Here we are, March 2018. WHO CAN BELIEVE IT. I cannot. I can't believe two months are gone already and that we are one week into March. So far, it's been quite a year for us, and I wanted to give a little update for those who may be wondering: what is Megan up to?

1. Celebrated our first birthdayversary! 

Did you know our wedding anniversary is the same day as Andrew's birthday?? It is!

Andrew and I have been married for a little over a year! What a time! We celebrated in true Armitano fashion- multiple times. We are both firm believers in celebrating everything, and neither of us have any issue celebrating a few times. We went to a wonderful supper at our favorite Thai place the night before, had takeout and tv together the night of his birthday/our anniversary, and then celebrated with a friend a few nights later at Tallulah! (If you haven't been, GO, Columbia. The people are so nice and the food is delish.) I surprised Andrew last minute with an Apple Watch- which is now giving me major Apple watch envy- but I'm gonna need a new computer before I get a watch. Also, we got a new print for our house since it was our paper anniversary! (More to come on which one and who painted it soon!)

2. We took a quick trip to Williamsburg, VA. 


... and it snowed! It was soooo much fun. We helped move in Andrew's little sister for the spring semester at William and Mary and got to hang with his family, and it was really nice. We stayed in the Williamsburg Inn-  which is so fabulous- and we were one of two families in the whole place. I loved that. 

3. Effie has had a ruff year.


Our sweet sweet pup has had quite the year. While we were away in Williamsburg, VA in January with family, Effie did a number on her knee. We rushed home and got the news that she would need a surgery (read: a really expensive surgery) with a long recovery time and that it was our only option. Not what I wanted at all to start this year. We scheduled it for two weeks later, but two days before her appointment, she got violently ill. She was vomiting, refusing food, and had really bloody stool, and we were worried. The vet didn't seem as worried and wanted to move forward with surgery, but that appointment turned into an overnight hospitalization and no surgery- turns out they got really worried about her too, and quickly. Why she got sick is still a huge mystery. I think it was the Rimadyl she was taking for pain, others think she ate something weird. (read: I know she didn't eat anything weird. she was on a leash for two weeks at all times before we had surgery.) SO we visited a new vet and got great news- there was an alternative surgery and she was a good candidate. She had it last week, and she's doing well. It makes me so sad to see her confined to one spot and in a cast, even though I know it's what she needs- she is a snuggler and she brings me so much calm and companionship during the day when I'm working, so I've been really missing that. 1 week down, 5 (or 7) to go!

4. We went to Charleston and had a great weekend!

I love it there and I'm really glad we got to sneak down for that little break. The weather was gorgeous! Here's where we went: SesameThe Codfather, Edmund's Oast Brewery, Pink Bellies, and finally EVO

5. I launched SUSHI!


On Valentine's Day, I launched one of my favorite series of all time- SUSHI! I loved the colors, I loved the layers, I loved everything about it. There is even a print that goes along with it! 

6. I was featured on AND Teen Vogue!

WHAT?! These articles were huge for me. It is always a great feeling to have your work liked enough to be featured in places people have heard of before, and two names like that within 2 weeks put me over the moon. 


So what's coming for spring? I have a few things in the works: Monkeys in March, Cats in April, a surprise series in May (??!!), and PUPS II in June and July! Safari will come in August/September, and then another surprise (If all goes well) will launch in late October. I have some exclusive prints with a new retail partner launching with Huntley Belle Designs in the next few weeks, and some other things up my sleeve for early 2019! One of my biggest goals for this year was to paint more original series and I'm almost on track - I can't wait to give updates along the way! 

I'll check back in soon! If you're reading this still, thank you for being a part of my team. You're the best. 




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