March Art Crush: Kate Lewis!

(My March Art Crust was actually supposed to be my February Crush... but with website updates, here we are!) 

Kate Lewis: extremely cool, extremely talented, and extremely awesome to work with. I have a major art crush on her! After emailing with her a few times, I found that she's an alumni of the college I went to as well. (Go Blue Hose!) 

Kate Lewis is an artist of many facets living in Chicago. She is raising three children alongside her entrepreneurial husband, and paints from her home studio in the city. She loves running and doing yoga when she can, and of course, making GORGEOUS art.

 Kate always knew she was an artist. She's had a "studio" since late elementary school! At first, it was a table in the corner of a room. By high school, it had become an entire room in her parent’s house. (I can relate to taking over my parents' house with art... My brother's old room was the taken-over space in question..) 

Naturally, she majored in art in college even though she had no idea how to make money in that field. "I look back on that decision and I am amazed and lucky that my parents supported my pursuit of art. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without their encouragement from childhood through adulthood." Everyone who can relate to that quote is so lucky.. I know I can and I couldn't be more thankful.

Kate uses a number of media- canvas, paper, oil sticks, markers, paint.. pastels, watercolor... she does everything! Her subjects range, but florals and interiors are a repeating theme that I cannot  get enough of. Her colors are vibrant and her style is so whimsical! I have yet to see a piece that I don't love every part of. 

Her website is she is constantly bringing new things to the table and bringing joy on her instagram, as well! (@katelewisart) I have two pieces off being framed right now that I CANNOT WAIT to hang. So much love! 

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