Random Notes of Kindness 2015


At some point during the craziness of holiday season  (all of the orders, giveaways, sales papers, catalogues, fundraisers, and on, and on, and on..), I had a thought.

What if  I created a campaign to give back to the people on social media that always make my day without asking for anything in return? What if I did something small that could make a big difference in someone's day, and take away some of the distance between humans that is inherent in social media/internet communication?

{In no way, shape, or form am I knocking social media and the internet... it is making my dream possible! So much support, love, and idea sharing can come from the interwebs. I just want to give something back without asking for anything in return!}

I put an idea together in my head and ran it by Heather and Caroline of @GrahamandCo, and we decided to try it out! It is so simple, but we think it can turn into something pretty special. 

Random Notes of Kindness:

Snail mail. It's charming, it's so fun to receive, and it almost never comes. (Unless its a bill, an advertisement, or maybe a catalogue. Meh.) Christmas card season is great, but then it's over, and mail becomes pretty boring again. Our concept is to change that just slightly.

During the rest of the month of January, @GrahamandCo and I will be collecting addresses from followers and friends who submit them to randomnotesofkindness2015@gmail.com.

We are going to compile the addresses and randomly throughout the year, we will send the participants a little something in the mail. Who knows what (or when!) it will be! Maybe a Valentine, maybe a handmade card, maybe candy.. The possiblities are endless.

As of now, we are not limiting the participants. We love each and every one of the people who support us everyday! 

We will be using #randomnotesofkindness2015 for the year of goodies and fun, and we would love for you to use the hashtag when you receive your mail! 

See you in the mailbox.


Megan CarnComment