Let's make a Wreath

How do you decorate for easter? Is it an all-out effort, or a wreath on the door? Are there tulips scattered all across the house and yard? It sounds like a dream to me, but I have to admit: Andrew and I are not currently egg-celling in our Easter decor game. In fact, if you were to walk into our house right now, you’d notice two themes…. dirty laundry and cardboard boxes. Not very spring! I think I’m going to opt for the egg-cuse that I’m busy getting the all-season decor finished before I start adding in seasonal decorations. That sounds good, right?

Anyway: there’s no egg-cuse for not hanging a wreath on the door. Egg-cept that I can’t seem to find one that suits my taste! It’s very all or nothing out there- either it’s too run of the mill, “here’s your tulips in a basket”, or its too “cartoon rabbit”. (Wait, let me add that there ARE some that suit my taste/size needs, but boy they are egg-spensive!) SO: I set out to make one along with all of you. A tutorial, if you will. I wanted three things: extremely easy, gorgeous, and inexpensive. Here it is!



-wire cutters

-20 or so mini zip ties

-ribbon you love

-one bunch of fake grass (I got mine from Hobby Lobby!) 

-three bunches of fake tulips (I chose two pink and one yellow, also from hob lob!)

-wire wreath structure; mine is 20”

I should say here that if you feel like using floral tape and hot glue, by all means, go for it. I just don’t like using either of those things, and I had zip ties on hand! All in all, this project took me about 45 minutes.


Step one: using the wire cutters, separate the stems of fake grass. You’ll want them all cut and ready for the next step!


Step two: using the zip ties, secure the stems of grass every 4 inches or so along the outer two coils of the wire frame. Tighten so they won’t go anywhere! (tip- allow 2-3 pieces of grass to stay outside of the tie for extra security.)

Note: after doing this a few times, I decided that the zip tie should go around the outer wire as well! It helps secure it with the tie around two pieces of wire. Just imagine the tie in the photo is outside of the outer edge.




Now, tighten and trim your zip tie overage.

Step three: Cut your tulip stems to separate. 


Step four: using the zip ties and the wire that the flowers are already equipt with, weave the tulips into the wire until you are pleased with your wreath! I wrapped some of the wire stems around the frame, and others I tied on. It’s best to place them, then secure! I love the organic look of being all around.

1 bunch, 2 bunch, 3!

1 bunch, 2 bunch, 3!

Step 5: tie a large bow, just like you would a shoelace. (Or any kind of bow you like. I was going for super easy here.) Using two zip ties, attach the bow to the frame, as pictured.


Voila! We’ve arrived. If you’re feeling spicy, I found some precious egg ornaments you could easily tie on! For us, we need this to be more spring, so I left  the eggs off.

So hoppy Easter! As I thought about cute Easter decor - painted and dyed eggs, baskets, crinkle fill, all sorts of pastels- I thought this little bunny would be a great addition to that party. Download her below and enjoy! (I’m thinking you could use it as a tag, place card, or pop it into a frame for some seasonal decor!)

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