Life Lately: What's Happening, Spring?

Hello All!

Things are transpiring, even as we type. It feels like the new year just got started, but it’s actually halfway through March! I thought I’d give a full update on what we’ve been passing the time with in these last two and a half months.

^^taken the day before her surgery by Josie Derrick

^^taken the day before her surgery by Josie Derrick

Effie: Per usual, Effie has been cuter than ever. Unfortunately, her health has not been so cute. (Spoiler, we are on an upswing- everything is okay now!) I mentioned this ages ago, but Effie tore her right miniscus and cruciate ligament last January while we were away on a family trip. After a close brush with liver failure due to Rimadyl, we decided to switch up our plan for her surgery. We finally had it after weeks of waiting and she recovered great! Fast forward a few months to the holidays, and her opposite knee tore. (ugh) We had to wait until January because of travel plans, and after rescheduling twice due to kidney infection and what we thought was an autoimmune skin disease, she had the surgery. We are currently smack in the middle of recovery- walking with a belly sling to go outside, medication, constant confinement- and I am so ready to be finished! (And let’s be honest, I miss having her right next to me at all times!) I told her after all of this she’s going to have to get a job. She rolled her eyes.

A little trip to Asheville: Right before the surgery, we went with two of our dear friends on an overnight trip to Asheville! It was wonderful. I had not seen the Biltmore in such a long time, and I had never seen the greenhouse on the Biltmore grounds, and I have to say- it was incredible. I know this isn’t groundbreaking news, but if you have a chance to go, go see that! I’m ready to put hundreds more plants into our house. Get ready.


Birthdayversary! On February 11, we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary and Andrew’s birthday! Andrew had some appointments that day, so we were able to squeeze in lunch together and that night, we went to the new Hall’s Chophouse on Main Street in Columbia. It was fabulous, of course! We spent the week celebrating with cake and calls with friends and photos and videos from the wedding, and then of course with candy for Valentine’s Day. I’ll never get tired of celebrating a birthday and an anniversary all in one!

ANIMALS: I released a new series. It was 10 pieces deep and so cool to create. It was filled with richer colors than my previous series and with tons of foliage, since I’m becoming more and more obsessed with plants. I can’t decide if the tiger or the leopard is my favorite…. or the birds? There are so many from this crowd that I loved. (If you missed it, you can see it here!!)


Add those major items to working on commissions, reorganizing this house, and trying to get on top of our massive laundry pile and you’re all caught up. Right now, we are gearing up for a busy spring. I’ll be painting some weddings, we have family trips and visits, and I have a fun online pop-up coming soon, too! And did I mention bunnies? Yes, I’ll be doing a few Easter bunnies this year! Stay tuned!

Happy Spring!!

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