Art Crush: WillaHeart

It has been SUCH a long time since I've posted an Art Crush on this blog. Don't get me wrong, I've had a few in the last year and a half! But, I've never really committed to sitting down and making the post. Today, I'm back on the #artcrush wagon, and for good reason: Aly Harris, artist and owner of Willa Heart!

Last fall? winter? (it was sometime last year), I taught a class in Columbia, and I met a few people-- some from way out of town, some who ended up reselling their paintings from the class and copying and selling others of mine (yikes), and the star of this show, Alyssa Jill Harris. Aly lived about an hour away and told me she was thinking of putting her art "out there", and was the sweetest thing. I liked her even without her art! I commissioned her to make an amazing piece  for a good friend of mine that Christmas, and it was fate from there.

We exchanged numbers, and over the course of the last almost year, we have become close friends. I commissioned her to make an amazing piece for a good friend of mine that Christmas, and it was fate from there! She's originally from Boston and has a LIT eye for style and design, a great business sense, and has really helped me in a ton of ways over the last few months! Don't be jealous, but we definitely text. And also go to sushi, so.

Not only does Aly paint fabulous chinoiserie creatures and plant-life, she also prints fabric and is an excellent seamstress. She has a full range of prints and pillows on her site, and recently, she painted a full set of original fancy dogs for her first original release! (they've gone really quickly, but there are still a few left: find them here!) I love her sense of color, I love that multiple pieces can be hung together, I love that they are well-priced... I love everything about it! The prints at Willa Heart are awesome too- Aly has done a great job of creating multiple pieces that can go together or separately, and they come in multiple sizes. I love the two below very much and I also love "Tao and Fang"! (It's one of Andrew's faves too.)


Aly and I are planning some cool things and will be announcing those at some point-- if not this year, next! If you're on Instagram, follow her @willaheart and drop a comment saying hi! I'm sure she would love that. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! (And if you're in SC, good luck not melting.)