Whew! It's been forever. But it's an exciting time!  I wanted to do a quick post updating everyone on what we've been doing!

 we spent Christmas in California:



Christmas Morning!

Christmas Morning!


our last wedding shower! 

During our two-week stay, we did so many things. Parties, dinners, mini trips- it was great! I went to napa valley for the first time, and my mom made the trip over from South Carolina to partake in a few of the festivities. Less excitingly, I got pink eye for the first time, and I HATED that. It finally went away three weeks and a lot of irritation later.

we moved! 


Meet our first home! It's a great ranch in downtown Columbia, and we love it so much. Full house tour is coming... as soon as I get all of the boxes out and details in!  

 we got married!

Expect a full post or even a series on all of the details as soon as I get the photos back... it was beautiful and perfect. We had a ton of family and friends celebrating with us in Charleston, SC, and I mean we really celebrated. It was so much fun. (Also, our wedding date is Andrew's birthday- February 11!) 


Again, I can't wait to post more... I will as soon as I have them! 


New Projects 

I'm currently working on new layer pieces, commissions, and a project I've been wanting to do since I started doing art full time: pillows. I will be hand-painting them, and hand-selecting the trim and the colors, and releasing them this spring. So. Excited. 


There's a sneak peek at one of the pillows with the cutest trim I've ever seen!  


I'm so glad to be back in the swing of things after a crazy (but fun) winter and 2016. Here's to a spring full of paint and great things! 

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