Whoopsies, I have a new stone!


So on every wedding planner checklist, wedding-related article, and really anywhere else, I was told to insure my ring. 

Let's be honest: it's one of those things that I just said, "oh yeah, I need to do that!", but I wasn't rushing out to do it. I wasn't planning any big trips, any huge activities, etc., so it could wait... Right?


In April, (I know what you're thinking, "gees Megan, you got engaged in November! Where's the insurance?!") I was visiting a friend in Charlotte and delivering a painting. Apparently, I SNAGGED ONE OF THE PRONGS on my ring and the stone FELL OUT. Of course I didn't notice until at least an hour or two after it happened, and at that point we started all-out search. We went back to our brunch spot, wandered around the parking lot, searched all over the yard and home of my friend, and scoured the car. My sweet friend found it the next morning, but in between being lost and found, it encountered some serious scrapes. 

So I got a new stone. This time, we opted for a pink sapphire-- same setting, of course, because I am obsessed with it! I love it as much as I loved my other one, but it is definitely different. The good news is that sapphire is a little tougher than citrine, and as rough as I seem to be with jewelry (especially on my hands), that couldn't hurt. 

Moral of this story: check your ring, especially if you have an oval or cushion cut center stone (as I learned from the jeweler), every so often for movement; those two types are the easiest to loosen without even trying! Every six months, have it professionally checked for loose pieces and wiggling rocks. And do these things, because all of the sites with their silly lists and advice mean it this time..

**Oh, and insure your ring.**

Megan CarnComment