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I've recently discovered a ton of things that I love, and I really needed to share them so that you can check them out! It's a little scatter-brained. New apps, new restaurants, new things that I need everyone to know about-- Can't wait!

1. Rise Gourmet Foods and Bakeshop: A fairly new, fabulous bakeshop in Five Points (Columbia, SC). It's so quaint! You need it, you want it. We go for breakfast, lunch, general pastries, and we have even ordered the family meal for four that they have for preorder. Always delicious. Go there!

2. Shipt: A grocery delivery service that I still can't believe. Subscribe for a year for $99 and get unlimited deliveries! You can also subscribe monthly. Order the groceries online and then a few minutes later, you get the groceries! Delivered. #blessed (Use this link for $10 off your first order. Also, I'll get $10 off, so really go for it. Wink.) 

3. Splendies: Monthly subscription to panties. Again, let's mark another to-do off the list: buying undies! I'm excited to get my first box. (and literally to never have to buy undies again and guess what size and how they'll fit because can you really try them on? I don't know. but now I don't have to worry about it. phew.) It should be here soon! Here's another coupon link for you, girl-- I think it works if you click and subscribe through this link, but it may not. If not, google for some coupon codes! : MEGANLOVESSUBSCRIPTIONS

4: White Duck Taco Shop: (Columbia, SC) It's new and it's great. Relaxed, delicious tacos... even my fiance loves it, and he is so strange about what he likes. My favorites on the menu are the fish taco and the shrimp taco- get those! (I don't have a coupon or get a coupon. But you should still try it!)

5. Air plants: They are the future. At least they are the future of plants in household #carmitano. Soak them in water for an hour once a week and that's it! They can hang or sit in vases and they come in all shapes and sizes. The air plants even bloom! You may have already heard about them, but I wouldn't feel right if they weren't in this list. 

6. My dog: because who doesn't love her. Here are some of her recent pictures as we rapidly approach her first birthday!


Coming soon.. a little "how our house is coming along" tour and a few cool DIY's! Later dayz!


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