October Art Crush: Kate Mullin!

I had the pleasure last month of stumbling onto Kate Mullin's work-- Seriously, she is amazing! Kate is not only an extremely talented painter, but the youngest gallery owner in Charleston, SC. Yes. She owns a gallery. In Charleston! {I think I might have more than a crush on her art... It's love!}

Kate is originally from Columbus, Georgia, and graduated from Auburn in 2011 with a BFA in Studio Art. She has transitioned from realism into a more abstract style recently, and uses mostly oil paint. {aka: gorgeous oil paintings of flowers, barns, and a few barnyard animals..}

Pssst: See that red/pink/gray floral? That is now hanging in my bedroom!

Kate has a very unique style. It really stood out to me and {again} made me wonder: How does she do that? She breaks images into sharply defined shapes and uses bold color in her art, creating a style that is easily recognizable as hers. It truly is inspiring!

Kate was recently a featured artist with Furbish Studio, had artwork purchased for the CBS series "Reckless," and was a featured artist on One Kings Lane. In addition, she is such a great person- so nice to work with! If you would like to shop her work, or see more about her, click here!

Megan CarnComment