December Art Crush: Evelyn Henson!

First, I cannot CANNOT believe it is December already... but with December comes a new Art Crush, so hooray! 

Evelyn Henson is fabulous. She is queen of the happy flowers, she makes supremely sassy prints, she blogs, and she has a {very} successful art business. I'm obsessed with her work! 

 Evelyn (who I have recently been wanting to call "Ev," even though I don't know her nearly well enough to give her a nickname! Weird? or no?) grew up in Columbus, GA as a very creatively driven child. 

She loved perfecting her handwriting, DIY-ing birthday cards, or using class projects to show off her latest pattern design- She has always loved to create (totally relateable.. I was that girl in school too!). Some people associate things like Nintendo, Snood, or the Sims to their 90's childhood, but Evelyn's childhood was spent playing "designer" on Microsoft Paint. And who doesn't love Paint?

In college, Evelyn ended up majoring in Art History (with a double in Communication Studies). She knew she loved art, but it wasn't until the summer before her Senior year that she picked up painting and illustrating. Two of her college friends gave her a massive box of craft paints when they moved out, and she decided to try painting a bouquet for her mom. Literally, she has not put down the paint brush since...Well, maybe not literally, but pretty close.

Thanks to the encouragement of sweet friends, Evelyn listed a few items for sale on Etsy exactly one week after graduating. Since then, her work has grown and her business has grown into the extremely happy and bright aesthetic that anyone can see on her website ( She has a clear eye for color, a special style, and the ability to illustrate or hand-write anything beautifully. (For example, her mantra, below--)

She and I will be cohosting one or two classes near the beginning of 2015- our color palettes and outlook on painting is so similar, I had to team up with her for some fun workshops! Dates will be published soon. Visit the link below for Evelyn's website- browse, read, and enjoy!


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