Dog Deck

Dog Deck


Poker faces, get ready. These cards are the cutest!! This standard 54-card poker deck that is anything but standard! These custom playing cards are full of color and fabulous dogs, plus my favorite (signature) font.

Joker= husky; A = standard poodle; J = goldendoodle; Q = Corgi; K = Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Hearts are golden retrievers; Diamonds are bulldogs; Clubs are dachshunds; Spades are black labs.

The backs of the cards are covered in dogs- we all love a happy dog, right? The bottom back of each card has a Megan Carn logo.

  • made and printed in the USA

  • each deck is enclosed in a clear acrylic case.

  • 54 cards; standard poker size

  • smooth finish on front and back

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