Hi! Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Megan, and I am all about painting. 

my collector is a person who loves what she (OR HE!) loves and knows what she loves. she isn't afraid to decorate in an unexpected way. she has a great first apartment or a gorgeous forever home and wants a conversation piece- and she is really, really cool. people love her!

 I am currently working on a few new series- 2018 will see sushi paintings, a snakes and beetles series, monkeys, pups, Cats, and even new elephants and giraffes. A goal I've made for myself is to paint more originals and i've got big plans!

I'm recently married, I have a sweet, huge dog NAMED EFFIE, and I'm currently settling into a new house. I paint from my home studio, and we travel to northern California and NYC as often as we can. I LOVE CUPCAKES, BUT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE GLUTEN-FREE (YIKES). WE ARE INTO FOOD, AND SUSHI IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. I'M A LOVER OF FLOWERS and trips AND DINNER PARTIES, AND I THINK MY PAINTINGS ARE JUST ANOTHER THING I DO BECAUSE I LOVE TO DO IT. IF YOU WANT TO SEE MY FACE more often and all of my personal comings and goings, CHECK OUT MY BLOG OR FIND MY PERSONAL INSTAGRAM: @MEGANARMITANO.

Throughout 2018, I have plans to do so many different things: new releases, new prints, new collaborations, and hopefully add a few new stores the list of places you can see my work. If you are interested in carrying my work or prints in your store, or working with me ON AN INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT, click the links at the top left of this page! IF YOU ARE A PRIVATE COLLECTOR, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BROWSE MY SHOP, REQUEST A COMMISSION, OR DROP A LINE VIA MY CONTACT PAGE!

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it. I've been called a ton of things as an artist (some not as sweet as others), but my favorite thing to hear is that my work makes people smile.